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Baby’s first steps. Graduations. Birthday parties. Wedding ceremonies. Today’s subject matter came from a comment at some stage in a communication with a pal of mine– “That’s what lifestyles is; an accumulation of recollections”–   and it got me onto to considering Deep Things.. and sure, I took a little walk down my personal Memory Lane…

But this is, after all, a tech site, and I am a World Renown Tech Journalist, and so I will no longer get all nostalgic on you. But I will factor out to you that increasingly regularly, we are coming to depend on our computers to help us ‘keep in mind’.

What do I imply by that? Well, now that we have digital pictures, the chances are pretty top that the pics you’re taking — of toddler’s first steps, commencement, B-Day parties, and so forth. –are not in a shoebox, or photograph album, however are for your tough drive. Your “home movies” too.Perhaps your laptop is the handiest region you have got the ones pictures/reminiscences?

Tip of the day: Loyal Friends and True to this series recognize that once a month I remind my readers to make a backup reproduction in their essential files and to keep the ones copies some place else. That’s because hard drives fail. (Not all that regularly, I provide you that, however they do die.) They also can get corrupted by means of malware, or erased with the aid of an endemic or hacker, or…

If — for some weird and mysterious reason — your laptop (or, simply the hard pressure) croaked and started out pushing up daisies, would you lose the best pics you have got of Junior’s delivery? Of your commencement? Of your Grandmother?

Well, don’t let your heart get damaged due to the fact you simply “by no means got around” to making backup copies. Make copies today! Burn a few CD’s/DVD’s and another form of storage– any other (external, maybe) tough power, or perhaps on line.

To help you, I refer you to two prior articles–1) Windows has a integrated Backup Utility, determined in Programs> Accessories> System Tools and my How To for the use of it’s far here, has a integrated Disk Imaging capability this is just brilliant, however regularly omitted:

2) Instead of buying an external drive, you may opt to take gain of an internet garage service.. of which there are numerous. My article on selecting one is right here,

Folks.. there are many, many reasons to make backup copies, and one motive no longer to (can you guess what it’s far?). Almost everyday in my actual job I get calls from determined human beings in a panic.. they’re panicked because they only have the only reproduction in their crucial stuff: don’t be one in all them!

Today’s unfastened down load: Perhaps you would really like a backup tool other than Windows’ own.. SyncBack is well worth taking a look at. From C/Net Editor overview, “This sincere backup software makes it a snap to safeguard and synchronize your files, and its freeware price simply sweetens the deal. Surprisingly bendy for a free software, SyncBack can store your files everywhere: on outside tough drives, in ZIP documents, on network drives, on CDs (the usage of UDF), or transfer them through FTP. Recovering from a power loss is also cinch, with a convenient repair device that replicates folder trees together with the documents in them.”

Today’s unfastened link(s):Also, I remind you of a previous posting here– the loose Windows disk imaging software DriveImageXML. Read an great evaluate and get the download hyperlink here.

And Rick Robinette has observed a plug-it-in-easy backup device and describes it, here.

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