Laptop Ergonomics: A Way To Shield Yourself From Strain And Pain

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Why pc ergonomics?

Arrange your computing device

Adapt laptops

Modify your body mechanics

Adjust your work patterns


Exercise at your computer

Keep healthy

When to are trying to find hospital therapy


Why laptop ergonomics?

Many people spend hours a day in front of a pc without considering the impact on their our bodies. They bodily stress their bodies daily without understanding it by way of extending their wrists, slouching, sitting with out foot support and straining to examine poorly placed monitors.

These practices can lead to cumulative trauma issues or repetitive stress accidents, which create a existence-long effect on health. Symptoms may additionally encompass pain, muscle fatigue, lack of sensation, tingling and reduced performance.

Ergonomics is a subject of examine that tries to reduce stress, fatigue, and accidents by using enhancing product design and workspace association. The purpose is a comfortable, comfortable posture.

Arrange Your Workstation

Every time you figure, take time to alter workstations that are not pretty proper if you want to minimize awkward and often executed movements.

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Adapt Laptops

Laptop computers are not ergonomically designed for prolonged use. The reveal and keyboard are so near collectively that they can’t both be in appropriate positions on the identical time. For prolonged use, it is excellent to add a separate display and keyboard. The computer can be planced on books so the top of the display is at eye degree, then use an outside keyboard in order that your elbows can rest at 90° by means of your side. 

Modify Your Body Mechanics

Do you put on eyeglasses? Make positive they in shape properly to keep away from tilting your head.

Type with light strokes, and try to preserve your muscular tissues comfortable.

Sit “tall,” aligning your ears, shoulders and hips. When you sit down, reflect onconsideration on making yourself an inch taller.

Switch palms when the usage of a mouse, in case you are capable.

Completely relaxation your wrists for the duration of breaks, which includes taking your hands off the mouse.

Adjust Your Work Patterns

Reduce extended computer time whenever feasible.

Break paintings into smaller segments and transfer between responsibilities that use unique motions. For example, change use of mouse with analyzing and looking the web.


Movement has many advantages: it relaxes tissues, lubricates joints and stops stiffness, improves flow, reduces fatigue, and builds stamina. One examine showed that heavy computer users who successfully averted computer-related ache moved every 7 mins.

At least every 10 minutes, take a brief (10-20 second) wreck. Take your fingers off the keyboard and flow!

Every 30-60 mins, take a brief (2-5 minute) destroy to stretch and/or walk round.

Exercise at Your Computer

Neck and Shoulders:

Neck Rotation: Slowly rotate your head as some distance as cushty to the proper, then left.

Shoulder Rotation: Circle your shoulders, then opposite instructions.

Head Side to Side: Bend your neck so left ear techniques left shoulder, then repeat for proper. Add a touch resistance by urgent your hand in opposition to the side of your head.

Chin Tuck: Slide your chin inward, without bending your neck up or down. This is simplest to exercise to start with against a wall. Tuck chin in, attempting to touch lower back of neck to the wall while additionally preserving head touch. Don’t jam your chin down to your chest.

Shoulder Blade Retraction: Pull your shoulders down and returned.

Shrug: Slowly improve your shoulders closer to ears and hold for a few seconds. Gradually bring shoulders down and relax.


Shoulder Squeeze: Raise your hands in front of body, with elbows bent and thumbs up. Pull elbows again, squeezing shoulder blades together. Hold for a few seconds then launch.

Stretch Up: Sit up instantly and believe a cable connected to the pinnacle of your head. Gradually stretch to be as tall as possible, hold for a few seconds, then loosen up.


Arm Relaxation: Drop your arms and fingers to your aspects. Gently shake them for a few seconds.

Arm Rotation: Raise your hands in front of your frame. Rotate fingers so hands face up, then rotate so backs of palms face every other.

Hands and Wrists:

Wrist Flex: With your elbows on desk, lightly use left hand to bend proper hand back towards forearm. Hold for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat on different side.

Finger Fan: Spread your hands as far aside as viable, keep, then clench fists, then launch.


Toe Curl: Flex toes up, then curl toes below. Release.

Foot Rotation: Circle foot slowly from the ankle, then opposite.


Eye Rolls: Roll your eyes clockwise then counterclockwise in brief.

Palm Eyes: Without touching your eyes, cup fingers gently over eyes for 30 seconds to rest them from light.

Look Away: Exercise your eyes through periodically searching faraway from your pc to recognition on distant gadgets.

Keep in shape  

Physical fitness allow you to keep away from and deal with issues associated with pc use. Build your stamina with physical activities for electricity, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

When to get clinical recommendation

See a clinician in case you experience:

Constant pain



Other troubles that interfere with each day duties

For greater statistics

For UHS scientific offerings:

See How to Get Health Care

Nurse Advice by using Phone is to be had day and night, which might also save a experience to UHS or the ER.


Guides for place of job ergonomics and ergonomic consultations for UM employees

Occupational Safety and Environmental Health

Resource for U-M personnel

For ergonomic products, search online for e.g. “ergonomic computer aids”.AliMed is one supply of such merchandise.

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