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1) Making Sound Judgments 

sixty one) Keeping Kids Safe Online

121) Searching for a word on a website

2) Just Googling Around 

sixty two) Email it Forward

122) Printer Principles

three) Your Computer Mouse 

63) Maximize Your Windows

123) Discounts for Educators

4) Make Me a Folder 

64) Follow-up On That Email

124) The Bogus Internet 

five) Flip Your Screen! 

sixty five) Feeling Old Yet?

125) Making a Photo Story

6) What’s Your Outlook Look Like? 

sixty six) Try Picturing the News

126) Take me on your leaders

7) Anatomy of a Web Address 

sixty seven) Table That 

127) A Short History of Windows

8) How to Search Like a Pro 

68) PowerPoint me Through This 

128) But I can not see the display!

nine) Copy & Paste Like You Mean IT!

69) Coming to a Computer Near You  

129) Is it a TV or a Computer? 

10) To Catch a Plagiarist

70) Calculate it Online

one hundred thirty) Changing Your Window View 

eleven) What Are You Looking At?

seventy one) Where’s My Toolbar? 

131) How Stuff Works?

12) Password Pandemonium

72) A Little More About Toolbars?  

132) Change Your Word View

thirteen) Time To Make The Emails

seventy three) Some Educational TV For a Change

133) Save Time Closing the Windows

14) Take a Picture of Your Screen 

seventy four) Excel in the Classroom

134) Even Quicker Windows Minimizer 

15) Common Cables & Connectors  

75) Take a Digital Picture of That  

135) Making Every Print Job Fit 

16) Improving Your PowerPoint’s

76) Technology Tutorials All Around  

136) Living Without a Mouse

17) Store it in Your CyberCloset

77) Basic PowerPointing 

137) Type it, Speak it, Listen to it

18) Smart Phones & Dumb Phones 

seventy eight) I’m Over My Mailbox Limit 

138) Some Cell Phone Shopping Advice

19) Think You’re Having a Bad Day?  

seventy nine) Making Columns 

139) Cleaning Up the Desktops

20) Do You Know What an iPod is?

80) Microsoft Vista 

a hundred and forty) More Puzzling Sites

21) ¿Qué tú dijo?

eighty one) Give me a Shortcut!

141) Learn Italian from the British

22) Go to M.I.T. for Free 

eighty two) Are You Having CTRL Issues?  

142) What is Office 2010?

23) Shiny Happy Emails

83) Can You CTRL Your Outlook?  

143) Zapping Email Legends 

24) eBook’em Danno?

eighty four) Browsing the Web with a Browser  

one hundred forty four) Symbol Insertion

25) The Geography of Excel 

eighty five) Keeping Teens Off-challenge 

one hundred forty five) Eye Checks

26) Marking Your Internet Turf 

86) Do You Know Your Policies 

146) Study Education with George Lucas

27) Just Mail Merge It

87) Does Anyone Open My Emails?

147) Charting Away in Excel 

28) Why don’t you email me the hyperlink?

88) Saving Gas With Online Data

148) Kids and Drug Use Prevention

29) Teens, The Internet & Education  

89) So Where’s the Fun Stuff? 

149) A New Kind of Literacy? 

30) Lost in Town?

90) The Top 20 Tech Tips

150) DY undRst& dis msg?

31) More Stuff for Geography Junkies  

ninety one) Cite me a Citation Online

151) The Rules in Outlook 

32) Rating My Teachers Online 

92) More Map Resources

152) Online Gas Price Help 

33) The Original Computer Function  

93) Spell Checking in Word

153) Outlining in Word 

34) Calculating in Excel

ninety four) Online Classified 

154) Internet English?

35) How to trap BIG snap shots

95) USB Drives

155) How to Make a Tech Tip

36) Current Event Me Please 

96) Who Are You? 

156) Know Your Extensions 

37) Try Doodling With Paint 

97) To Manipulate a Picture 

157) Headers and Footers in Word 

38) Form me a letter in Word 

ninety eight) What Does “BETA” Mean?

158) What’s Up With Wikipedia?

39) I can’t believe it…

99) Combine My Slides 

159) Blog Some Sense Out of This

40) Multi-Printing

100) Are You Being Recorded?

160) Loop & Time My Slide Show 

forty one) New World for TV News

101) A New Age of Advertising

161) Basic Computer Hardware

forty two) Be Your Own Tech Specialist 

102) Volumes of Online Population Data

162) Spring Defragging 

43) Dealing With Car Computers

103) Who’s Default Printer? 

163) How do I eBay some thing?

44) It Can Even Predict the Weather  

104) Take Me to My Home Page?

164) Sorting Through the List

forty five) Email That Word Document 

one zero five) Puzzle Me This…? 

one hundred sixty five) Ouch, I just Overtyped 

46) Try Using Some Shortcuts 

106) Double Space That

166) Internet Spring Cleaning 

forty seven) A to Z in Excel 

107) Making a Comment in Word

167) Is “Malware” Malicious? 

48) Edit undo, Undo, UNDOOO! 

108) Teaching with Computers

168) How About Online Programs?

49) What’s so Suite approximately Office? 

109) Just the Basics Please

169) Shuffle Your Email 

50) Circles and Squares in Word

110) Mega Byte This

one hundred seventy) Copyright and the Internet 

51) Getting Through Windows 

111) Lock the Computer Before you Go

171) Rubric Me Please

52) Broadcasting to the World 

112) See the Universe for Free 

172) How Many Words Per Minute

fifty three) Why now not Learn to Sign? 

113) Astrophysics Online

173) Change the Order in PowerPoint

fifty four) What did you call that? 

114) Fancy Email Stationary 

174) Formatting in Excel

fifty five) Leveraging Discipline Based Articulation 

115) Easy Math With Google

one hundred seventy five) BCC Me Sometime

56) Gone Phishing?

116) To Make a Column 

176) Guaranteed to be Good PowerPoints

57) So what is Vishing?

117) Ignorant of Geometry?

177) Ah, Where’s the Menu Bar?

fifty eight) Font Effects for the Masses? 

118) How to Sign Your Email

178) Why Should I Care About HTML?

fifty nine) Getting Lawyered up Online 

119) Your Local School Report Card 

179) How does 180techtips.com Work?

60) Excel in 1, 2, 3 Order

one hundred twenty) Teenage Multi-Media Tasking

a hundred and eighty) Life Long Learning is for Everyone





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