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Amazing Tip – Fixing Facebook Oops Moments

Facebook – Editing your posts

Yes, there may be an “oops” choice

You’ve completed writing your trendy Facebook update and hit the Post button. A few seconds/minutes/hours later, whilst you’re rereading what you wrote, you realize there may be an errors otherwise you accidentally published the identical factor twice. It’s that duh second in which you would love to apply your Undo button. Well, you could!

Every replace offers you the capacity to each Edit and Delete the post. First, you need to find the publish. You can either appearance down your wall posts till you see the put up or visit your timeline to discover the post. Because of the manner Facebook performs with what is displayed on your wall (do not get me began about this!), I advise going on your timeline. Remember to get to your timeline, just click your call at the upper left side of the display. To see your wall posts click the Facebook icon on the upper left side.

In either case, you must the three horizontal dots, referred to as the “extra” image on the upper right aspect of your post. You may ought to move your mouse on the put up to look this. When you click on on it you will see a short menu that consists of “Edit” as well as “Delete”. Use those alternatives to either make modifications in your publish or delete it. That’s it, all is properly with the sector again and your buddies likely did not have time to see your mistake.


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30 Excel Tips to Save Time

30 Excel Tips to Save Time

Even in case you use Excel every day, take a minute to check those 30 time-saving guidelines.

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Fine Tuning Your PowerPoint SkillsMy PowerPoint Pet Peeves!

I currently attended a digital assembly on Zoom…of direction…and the presenter did a first rate activity of explaining his issue count number however I turned into so distracted by way of a few issues along with his PowerPoint file that I become having problem concentrating! Let’s talk approximately some of my PowerPoint pet peeves.

Bullet gadgets written as whole sentencesPeriods in bullet listsRevealing the complete bullet list all at onceNumbers not successfully alignedBullet List “Rules”

The middle of maximum presentations are bullet lists. Here are some “rules” you ought to keep in thoughts in case you are developing a presentation using them. 

Do not write the bullet as a entire sentence. It is your job as the presenter to talk in sentences but your target audience must no longer see your whole concept written out. They may have trouble remembering a full sentence so write your bullet as thoughts or terms.If you comply with the advice of the above bullet, you have to not be the usage of punctuation to your lists. If the bullet isn’t a entire sentence, it does no longer need a length at the end of it! Feel unfastened to use exclamation factors or question marks but no intervals.Use the animation function in PowerPoint to reveal the bullets one at a time. Doing this will direct your audience’s interest to the contemporary bullet and not to the approaching bullet factors. It isn’t always vital to use a number of the extra distracting animations (develop & flip, swivel, and leap) designed to spice up a 5th graders show, a easy “appear” is a good choice. Keep the number of bullets on a slide to five or six. If you’ve got greater than which you should don’t forget splitting the information into more than one slides.Aligning Numbers

Sooner or later a presentation you’re making will contain numbers. If the numbers all have the identical range of digits you are in luck. You can really use the tab key to move to the right and type your numbers. For the rest of you, you can motel to the use of the space bar to transport to the right in hopes that the end result will get the numbers to appear to be aligned at the right facet…that is a quite hit and omit approach. The pleasant technique is to set a right align tab and use the Tab key to get those numbers immediately. Here’s the way you do this.

Click inside the textual content block wherein you may be inserting the numbersIf you notice a ruler throughout the pinnacle of your screen you’re golden. If you do NOT see a ruler, click on the View Tab, Show Group, Ruler.

On the far left facet of the ruler, you may see the Tab Box. This is in which you pick out the alignment type you need to location at the ruler. Your options are left, center, proper, and decimal. As you click on this field the photograph adjustments to expose the 4 types. Click until the right alignment tab is displayed in the field, it looks as if a reverse “L”. (See image beneath)

Once the right tab is displayed within the Tab Box, move your mouse to the ruler and click on where you estimate the proper side of the wide variety listing need to be located. The proper alignment icon will appear at the regulations. Now, as you type your entries, use the Tab key to jettison to the set tab. Type your number and it’ll construct to the left and align at the proper aspect!

If you decide that the tab at the ruler have to be moved left or right, select the list and drag the ruler tab left or right. The numbers will circulate for that reason. 

Now you may focus on your content and getting your factor across for your presentation and no longer agonize about the little things like bullets and wide variety alignment!

Happy Computing!

Diane McKeever


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Counting Words and Characters in Word

Amazing Tips – Counting words and characters in Microsoft Word

Need to understand how many phrases/characters you have got written in Word, here’s how!

So many of my pointers come approximately due to a verbal exchange with a patron and that is no exception. The purchaser turned into setting together a set of keywords for his website. There was a limit of 256 characters for this and he did not recognize whilst he had reached that magic wide variety pronouncing his program did not keep music of that statistics. Because he become using Microsoft Word I knew it had that functionality.

Not best does Word preserve tune of the quantity of words you’ve got written as you kind however you can additionally ask it to tell you what number of characters are in the file, with or without spaces being calculated. 

As you create a Word file you will notice, inside the lower left nook of your screen, there may be a non-stop word rely and even web page rely. When you click at the word be counted place a window appears with similarly facts as visible inside the photo beneath. Now at a look you can see this facts about your document.

Now suppose you handiest need to understand the records for a segment of your report. To find out that facts you would start by using selecting a place of your record and then clicking at the phrase rely location of the display. The statistics for the photo above and beneath are for the identical file however the one under has a paragraph selected so the effects are specific.

Knowing the data may be very vital. I were in lots of situations wherein the word or person count number is restricted and I need to suit my thoughts into a concise quantity. Hope you find this helpful. As usually, if you like this tip please do not forget sharing it along with your buddies. 

Happy Computing!

Diane McKeever


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Recover Written Over FilesFor Life’s Uh-Oh Moments – Recover Written Over Files

I guess you’ve been there extra than once on your existence. You have a Microsoft Office record open (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and you instinctively click the Save button…or higher but, use the Ctrl + s key to keep…after which realise you supposed to use the Save As feature instead of Save! Uh-oh, that unique file has been written over and you could never get better it! But wait, there is wish!

Many years in the past Microsoft found out that being capable of get better preceding variations of a file turned into a treasured function in order that they incorporated it into all of their packages. You can get entry to these preceding variations by using following those steps:

Open the file which you want to repair to its preceding version

Click the File tab and click on Info

On the right, choose the version you want to open from the variations list

Click the Restore button when the report opens

There, now might not you sleep greater soundly tonight knowing that Microsoft has your lower back in this crucial manner?

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Happy Computing!

Diane McKeever

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Taming Your Facebook ExperienceTaming Your Facebook Experience

Have you found that your Facebook enjoy is getting worse and worse due to the fact your buddies are gambling, and reporting on, extra video games? Or that you’re seeing greater ads approximately stuff you’re no longer interested in? Or which you’re lacking updates from people you actually need to hold up with? Well, you want to understand which you have such a lot of options that will exchange the manner you view your friends updates that you’ll stay up for checking your Facebook each day…virtually.

How you spot your buddies updates on Facebook

Some time ago Facebook modified the manner you view your friends updates. Rather than viewing the whole lot that everyone published, Facebook now shows you handiest “Top Stories” on your News feed. Who determines what is a Top Story, why the oldsters at Facebook. How do they decide this? According to Facebook, “The stories that show in your News Feed are influenced via

your connections and hobby on Facebook. This lets you see more memories

that interest you from pals you interact with the maximum. The number of

remarks and likes a post receives and what sort of tale it is (ex: picture,

video, fame update) can also make it more likely to seem in your News Feed.” So if you have pals that don’t submit lots or that do not consist of pix or films, you possibly might not see their updates.

But wait, you may alternate the manner you are viewing your News feed! Just to the right of the word “News feed” at the top left of your display, you will see a little “V”. Click on it and pick “Most Recent”. The News feed will now show you all the updates with the most recent on the pinnacle. You could suppose that by using choosing this you’ll be accomplished…oh no. Facebook doesn’t take advantage of this setting as a lot as they do when they control what is on your News feed so you could have to test each week or so as to ensure this putting continues to be on.

What Kind of Friends Do You Have?

The second setting you may need to change is to become aware of the buddy level for each person, or at least do this for the human beings you genuinely care about, or don’t a lot care approximately. By default every person is only a everyday “Friend”, not a Close Friend or an Acquaintance. In the Top Stories situation discussed above, Friends might possibly be the first ones bumped out of your News feed except you Like, Comment or Share their updates often. To change someone from just a friend to an elevated status of “Close Friend” or “Acquaintance” go to one of their posts and hover (don’t click on) over their profile picture. A window will pop up so that you can choose their friendship level from the Friends listing. Hover at the Friends menu  and make your preference through clicking an appropriate alternative. As you could see from the screen shot above, that is where you could Unfriend someone…but do not do this, keep studying and you’ll find out a way to disguise pals.

According to Facebook, right here is the distinction among a “Close Friend” and an “Acquaintance”, “Close Friends listing – Add your high-quality buddies in your Close

Friends list and you will see the whole thing they post in News Feed. You can even

soar directly to a view of your News Feed that most effective shows their images and

news. You can also get hold of notifications when they publish updates, so you don’t

miss whatever critical.

Acquaintances list – Add buddies like antique classmates or

enterprise contacts on your Acquaintances listing and you may see much less of them in

your News Feed. We’ll nonetheless display you important matters they publish — like while

they get married or move to a brand new town — so that you don’t lose contact absolutely.”

By choosing the friendship level you’re technically adding humans to a listing. I do not need to talk approximately lists right here, with the intention to be the topic of any other article.

You’ll observe “Get Notifications” is the pinnacle alternative in this menu. If you pick out this you’ll get a message inside the message menu telling you that this person has up to date their reputation. Use this for human beings whose popularity updates are REALLY essential to you…your youngsters, grands, spouse????

Following vs Unfollowing

Now that we’ve gotten the human beings you want organized, how approximately the folks who sort of annoy you however you do not want to unfriend them. The unfollow choice is for the ones parents. They can nonetheless write about their favourite subjects but you do not must see them….win-win. If you need to peer what they’ve written currently you could visit their timeline and test it out.

From the display shot you may additionally observe an choice to “See First”. Facebook introduced this in early 2015 to offer you the choice to see the posts of specific human beings first in the News Feed. Leaving it as “Default” puts them back inside the Top Stories pot.

Game Updates

So your friend is a bit addicted to the laptop and spends hours gambling games…precise for her/him but why do you need to see their game levels? NO! Those updates can be turned off from their give up but if they haven’t figured that out, you have a few manipulate too. The subsequent time you see certainly one of the game updates circulate your mouse on to the put up and pass to the small “V” that appears inside the top proper aspect of the display. Click on it and pick out “Hide all from (sport) app”. Done, you’ll in no way see another replace from anybody gambling that sport! You will ought to do it once more if they ever restart their Farmville farm.

Turning Off Notifications

Once you’ve got commented on a buddies submit you may be notified, from the notification menu, whenever a person else comments on or likes that publish. You might not need to peer these notifications. You can forestall them by using clicking at the Notification Menu, scrolling down to the precise notification and slide all the way down to the little X that appears, and click on on the “Turn Off” X. You will then see a a confirmation of that movement and you’ll click to guarantee Facebook that you really do not need to see extra notifications.

There now, don’t you sense better approximately your Facebook enjoy already. More tips to follow.

Happy Computing!


BTW, have you obtain my book on Amazon yet? one hundred Amazing Computer Tips is awaiting you there. This e-book makes a tremendous present for any pro laptop user in addition to the beginner. Capturing a Portion of a PDF for Printing

Amazing Tips – Capturing a portion of a PDF for printing 

Only want to print a phase or location of a PDF page? Here’s howA little heritage on PDF documents:

It became obvious years ago that there had to be a report kind that would allow human beings to view files that were created in specific packages, packages that not many humans used, without the viewer truly having the software program on their laptop. This became a hassle that picture designers and architects and so on were having when they wanted to share their creations with clients who did not own the costly software. Their customers couldn’t be anticipated to purchase applications that value masses and heaps of greenbacks simply to view the designs so Adobe (and others) advanced PDF (Portable Data Format) files.

Soon all computers came with the loose Adobe Acrobat Reader so you may want to view all sorts of files however to create a PDF you still wanted the total Adobe Acrobat software, which wasn’t unfastened. Of path, 0.33-birthday celebration vendors sprang as much as fill the void. Adobe labored then with software agencies to enable the introduction of PDF documents from just about any application, that’s the case now.

Why are PDF files so crucial?

The main purpose they have become so crucial became for report sharing however different reasons to use PDFs quickly became obvious. If you were sending a contract that became written in Microsoft Word but you desired to make certain no changes were made to it, you can convert the record to a PDF. Another popular reason to create a PDF is that the file size is much smaller than the file in the native application would be.

Printing a segment of a document

The print conversation field has continually given you the opportunity to print particular pages. I regularly scroll down the file, making notice of the pages I would like to print so that I do not waste paper. Then once I click on on the “print” command I fill within the web page numbers as they’re in the photo under. Specific pages are listed separated with a comma and levels of pages use a dash between the page numbers. Of direction, this isn’t always just in a PDF program, this works in surely all applications.

Printing a part of a PDF web page

OK, so this turned into the initial problem, you wanted to print just a element or segment of a PDF page. Adobe has given you a device to do just that. 

Open any PDF record and scroll to the vicinity you would love to print

From the Edit menu pick “Take a Snapshot”

Now drag for your document to choose the particular place you would like to print

Click the print icon OR select print from the document menu OR use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + p

In the print dialog container you will word you have got an choice to print “Selected image”, that is your highlighted section of the file and to Scale the selected graphic. I love using the “Fit” command as it will growth/reduce the photo as essential to suit on a sheet of paper. You can plan with the opposite instructions within the Scaling segment to see which receives the great consequences to your reason.

This is pretty dandy stuff however it simplest works in a PDF record. For different documents, you would possibly want to apply the Snipping tool which changed into described in a preceding blog post. Click the hyperlink to see the information of that terrific tool.

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Happy computing!


Amazing Tip – Fixing Facebook Oops Moments

Facebook – Editing your postsYes, there is an “oops” optionYou’ve completed writing your contemporary Facebook update an…

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